Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random Thoughts

I haven't been on in a long while.  I've been very busy... and lazy... and depressed and well... you get the picture.  I basically ignored this blog, and probably will again so whatever, I am what I am. 

Here are some random thoughts rattling around in my brain this week:

I am looking forward to riding my bike this weekend.

I am looking forward to spending time on the island with K this weekend, too.

Why am I angry all the time??

I hate my job.

I hate that the KID I work for (I'll call him "Oppie") does not know how to do his job, so I have to do it for literally HALF the pay he gets or it won;t get done.

I hate that I have no health insurance - and I hate even more that I have needed to see a doctor for a long while now.

I hate that I wasted my life working at dead-end jobs while waiting all those years for my "radio career" to completely solidify - then when I  finally land that rock morning radio show I've always dreamed - the owners sell the fucking station four years later.  

I hate that I agreed to moved to Texas - I miss my family.

I hate it even more that I can not afford to move back - or even visit.

I hate that my (ex) husband, whom I will call scammer # 343534386 stole over $17,000 from YOU and me - the tax payers and tried to pin it on me - to no avail.

I hate that because of that mother fucker, my perfect credit is now destroyed.

I hate that I am so broke that  I can't even afford to pay attention.